Formed in 1993, No Pets for Noah began as an acoustic trio with Mark King and Tim Guilliams on  guitars, and Christopher Dorsey on drums and percussion. With a diverse set list and three-part vocals that were unmatched, “No Pets” quickly began to open eyes and developed an avid following. In 1996 “No Pets” became a four piece with the addition of Dave Abrecht on bass and vocals, and has since accumulated a fan base of over 3,000. The band’s set list now combines some signature songs from their early days, with loads of modern rock, and is sprinkled with an occasional surprise. Hard-core “No Pets” enthusiasts now join new fans in jam-packed clubs to hear one of the top drawing bands the area has ever known. “No Pets” blends together the highest level of musicianship and head turning four part vocals, with a warmth and personality all their own to create a sound and style that are unique, tasteful, pleasing, and surely unforgettable.

Left to Right:  Mark King, Christopher Dorsey,
Tim Guilliams, and Dave Abrecht



In early 2004 Christopher took a new day job and moved to the sunny (sometimes) beach of North Carolina. At that time we brought in an old friend of the band (Jon Wells) as a replacement. Jon rocked the house every night without exception. Jon was with the band until May 2005. He's now performing in Las Vegas. Tear it up Jon!

Photo - Jon Wells



In mid 2005 we found ourselves working with one of the hottest young drummers in town. Brandon Bartlett is all about the pocket and he is always in it. Brandon attended "The Collective", a world-class drum school in New York City and has played with some of the bands that we cover. Yeah, we thought it was cool too. By the way, he has been assimilated.

Photo - Brandon Bartlett

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